Who can apply for a position at Beta District?

At Beta District, we embrace diversity. We encourage everyone to apply for our job openings, no matter who you are or what your background is. So if you see an opening that fits with your skills and competencies, don't hold back.

Where are your offices located?

Our offices are typically found in the heart of the cities that we and our affiliates are based in. In Poznań, we’re in Jeżyce district, close to restaurants, public transport and many convenient amenities, in Kraków, we are located by the main train station.

What type of individuals do you hire?

We seek extraordinary people to help us create the technology of tomorrow: Problem solvers who thrive on challenges and take extreme ownership over what they produce.

What is the interview process like?

Regardless of the role you are applying for, the process is multi-stage and tests two aspects: Competency and Core Values. For an engineer, the process might start with a simple CV review and phone screen. Depending on your experience, your next step might be a technical test before two rounds of assessment: A technical interview and pair programming with a senior engineer. Finally, a core values interview with one of our senior executives - to make sure your view of this beautiful planet aligns with ours.

What is the pay like?

We offer competitive salary packages, adjusted accordingly for experience and market conditions.

What are the perks of working at Beta District?

We don’t have a ping pong table but we’ve got all the important areas covered including:

  • A nice place in our comfy Poznań or Kraków office
  • Comprehensive health insurance (for full-time employees)
  • Paid weekly team lunch
  • A fully stocked pantry with lots of healthy (and some not-so-healthy) snacks
  • Flexible working hours
  • Multisport card
  • Financing of an English language course
  • Regular team building events: casual drinks, parties, games and strategy sessions
  • A great work culture that encourages personal growth

What technologies do you work with?

We work with some of the newest technologies available, as well as more established coding languages like Ruby, Javascript, Python, Java and Golang. Ultimately, we believe in using the right tool for the right job, and pride ourselves on our ability to acquire new technologies if it’s appropriate for what we’re trying to achieve.

Our services and tools run on Kubernetes (AWS, GCP) fully implementing the 3 pillars of observability: metrics, logging and tracing. Operations adopt SRE concepts, infrastructure observability services are based on Istio, Kiali, Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch and Kibana. External service providers are used too, like Datadog and others as well as various cloud provider services like BigTable, BigQuery etc.

But what if I’m not familiar with the technologies you use?

Never fear, we have hired people who might be missing a specific skill set or aren’t familiar with coding languages we use. We’ll give you a go, as long as you can demonstrate your willingness and capacity to learn.

Do I have to know English?

Our employees work from offices in different countries, speak different languages so English is our common language. That’s also why we want our candidates to have a good command of this language (at least B2).

What contracts do you offer?

We offer 3 types of contracts: B2B contract (Umowa o Współpracę), Direct Employment contract (Umowa o Pracę) or Contract of Mandate (Umowa zlecenie) – for students only.

Can I work remotely?

We prefer people to work from our offices in Poznań and Kraków. If there are reasons for you to work fully remote, and your skillset justifies this, we will also consider on a case by case basis.

Don't see anything that fits?

Submit your resume + cover letter (with specific information about types of roles you’re interested in) to [email protected] for general consideration.

What is your privacy policy and how will my private information be used?

Beta District respects your personal privacy. We believe ensuring the security of your personal information is an important part of our job. Any personal information we collect during the recruitment process may only be used and retained by Beta District for purposes of considering your qualifications for employment. We invite you to review our privacy policy. Any further questions can be directed to Beta District’s Privacy Officer at [email protected].

I applied for a job but I haven’t heard anything. What can I do?

We try our best to contact all applicants as soon as possible. Some jobs will receive larger number of applications, so it will take time to respond to everyone. Normally applications should be reviewed within a few working days. If you still haven’t heard anything from our recruitment team by two weeks after you submitted your application, please check your spam folder and contact our recruitment team.